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Our Values

Here at the Savannah Ogeechee Canal, we have values that drive the way we conduct ourselves and our mission. 

Wildlife & Marine Conservation

The wildlife and marine environment are continually under threat from pollution and destruction. Littering, rampant deforestation, fish kills, and dumping are unacceptable. We will continue the fight to protect our ecosystems and promote responsible wildlife and aquaculture practices. 

Early Education

We work with Boy and Girl Scout groups and encourage young people to pursue ecological responsibility and stewardship. We also provide frequent, educational, family-friendly social media content in addition to in-person events and programming.

Diversity & Inclusion

All are welcome here. Each visitor, volunteer, and member brings a unique and invaluable perspective with them. Diversity allows us to improve, learn, and innovate, as well as offer new interpretations of the history of the canal. 

Community Engagement

We strive to foster strong relationships with the local community, including partnerships with schools, local businesses, and other organizations to promote awareness and involvement in the canal’s preservation, in addition to its historical interpretations.

Transparency and Accountability

We uphold a high standard of transparency and accountability in all operations and interactions, ensuring trust and credibility with our community members.


We are committed to ensuring the Savannah Ogeechee Canal is a welcoming and accessible destination for all, promoting inclusive experiences that cater to diverse abilities and needs.

Historical Preservation

With thousands of years of history and hundreds of artifacts, the Savannah Ogeechee Canal holds itself to high standards to document, preserve, and protect the invaluable history of the canal and museum. 

Research and Scholarship

We support students and researchers in conducting research related to the canal's ecology, history, and archaeology, contributing to academic knowledge and public understanding.

Cultural Heritage

We celebrate and promote the diverse cultural heritage associated with the canal, including its role in the history of transportation, industry, and the lives of the people who built and used it. We also strive to thoughtfully acknowledge and discuss the troubling aspects of the canal and the land's history. 

Environmental Stewardship

Beyond wildlife and marine conservation, we have a broader commitment to using environmental protection and sustainable practices in all activities related to the canal.


We embrace innovative approaches and technologies in conservation, education, and engagement to continually improve the effectiveness of the society's work.

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