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Green Light Ray

Master Plan

Our Hope

Since 1996, the Savannah Ogeechee Canal Society has been a community of volunteers and members, passionate about our mission: to promote and interpret the historical and scientific aspects of the Savannah Ogeechee Canal and its surrounding environments for the public. Each volunteer and member brings a unique perspective and skillset to our projects and programs. 


Our vision for accomplishing our mission is grand and attainable, and we are continuously progressing with our goals. Those goals are laid out in detail within our extensive master plan. Being an organization built on the involvement of our community, we believe transparency is essential. This page is intended to provide insight for the community into our ongoing projects and their progress. 


We hope that by sharing these projects, you or someone you know might be able to provide assistance depending on the contextual knowledge or skillset. 

Our Current and Upcoming Projects will be visible here soon.

Let’s Work Together

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to know more about our goals, please reach out to us below. We also encourage you to meet us in person by visiting us at the Nature Center

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